Holistic Services to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual self. Scroll DOWN for more Information, Special Offers and Services! LEARN MORE Holistic Services Service Hours: Tues - Sat 10am - 5:30pm Massage Therapy, Vibrational Sound Treatments using Tuning Forks for Energy clearing, boosting and balancing, Psychic Readings, Reflexology Readings, Detox Foot Baths and Reiki Energy Treatments. Spiritual Development LEARN MORE Spiritual Guidance (Mon) Reiki Healing & Meditation Circle.
(Tues Eve) Spiritual Book Discussion Groups.
(Thurs Eve, Sat, Sun) Personal and Professional Tuning Forks Training (See Events).
Hours: MON 11am-1:30pm, TUES EVE 7pm-10pm
Products Metaphysical store and sound treatment tools Candles, Incense, Sage, Jewelry, Crystals, Essential Oils, Health Supplements, Angels, Fairies, Greeting Cards and Tuning Forks. LEARN MORE Products The Team Massage Therapist, Psychic, Reflexologist, Practitioners, Reverends and Teachers. LEARN MORE The Team
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